To all my furry friends out there. Mmm mm it sure is a wonderful morning!

Hey science Riddle me this…!!!!

A Christmas riddle.

When you throw a ball in the air why doesn’t it slow down when you are running ??

Like IT SHOULD !!!!!!!!!!

Ahh I hear you assume that we must subconsciously throw the ball at a slight angle forward to compensate for the slowing of the ball that’s predicted by the laws of physics.

But this is not the case if you take a video of somebody running throwing a ball, the ball goes up AND DOWN at exactly 90°, if they were subconsciously throwing the ball at a slight angle forward they would have to throw the ball forward at about 86 or 87° to compensate for its loss of speed in order for it to land back in your hand but this **does not happen**

WHY ????

When you are running the ball is being accelerated by the muscles in your legs via your hand, as soon as it leaves your hand it SHOULD IMMEDIATELY START TO SLOW yet it doesn’t slow down even on a windy day or on a pushbike ???????

Come on science it took you eighty years to try and explain how a bee can fly WHEN IT SHOULDN’T please explain why a ball does not slow down when it should, that breaks the laws of physics they’re not laws if they can be broken. ??

Here’s a hint we are pure imagination it’s what we want, we don’t want the ball to slow down.

The ball SHOULD according to newtons laws of motion form an arc and fall behind your head not go up at 90° and come back at 90° that’s impossible, that breaks the laws of physics.

We are pure imagination there is no time it’s imagined it’s an illusion as Einstein said AND PROVED with relativity, there is no time for the ball to leave your hand and land in a future that doesn’t exist, we imagine it that’s why it doesn’t slow down because we are pure imagination there is only right now which we imagine time and space from just like a dream at night.

Reality is a hologram that unfolds out of the present moment in our collective mind that we imagine we perceive and believe as the illusion of reality.

Welcome to the real world of make believe, we can imagine what we want but there’s only one rule no greed.

Happy Christmas that’s my present to you.

Reality is an illusion – Albert Einstein.

And we are the sole creators of that illusion, because illusions have to be created.

And they are we imagine them, Time, space the past the future all imagined right now just like time and space exists in a dream at night.

Wakey wakey


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